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Pregnancy Casting

smiling mother to be

We now offer fanstastic pregnancy casts, so you have an everlasting memory of this special time.

We will take your chosen cast in one of our lovely treatment rooms at the NPBC pilates studio, Gosforth or at your home. We will then take the cast away, sand it, seal it and deliver it back to you. You then have the option of displaying your cast in a fabulous clear acrylic box or simpily hanging it on your wall (hanging your cast on the nursery wall with a light shining behind it is a very popular option)

Each casting session is completely harmless and takes less than 1 hour to complete. We have the following casting options available:

Option 1: Belly cast - £60 (from the top to the bottom of your bump)

Option 2: Chest & belly - £70 (from just below your neck to the bottom of your bump)

Option 3: Chest, belly & hands - £80 (from just below your neck to the bottom of your bump including your hands resting on your belly)



Popolo Events

For Details of Popolo Events Coming Soon - Please Click The Link Below

At our events we capture baby and chilren's Hands and Footprints in paint on a variety of ceramics such as mugs, tiles and plates etc.

Popolo Events

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